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LNG Industry and Oil and Gas Import/Export Terminals

The pre-commissioning of oil and gas import and export terminals, especially LNG terminals, requires experienced contractors and specialised equipment to perform the many services required for the successful completion of an operation. Some of those services required for the process systems and tanks include:

  • Nitrogen services (for purging, pressure testing, cooling, pigging, etc.). High-volume nitrogen purging operations for new plant pre-commissioning.
  • Flushing/flooding (for cleaning and testing). High-velocity flushing/removal of unwanted debris and residual products from process systems using the kinetic energy of fluids. It is ideal for the flooding of systems in preparation for hydrostatic testing.
  • Pressure testing (hydrostatic/pneumatic). Statutory testing using hydrostatic or pneumatic methods using purpose-built pumps and test cabins combined with a workshop, generator, solar panels, air-conditioning, and calibrated and certified mechanical and electronic instrumentation.
  • Pipeline and plant dry-out (nitrogen/air). Drying of moisture-sensitive process systems using high-volume nitrogen, super-dry (desiccant) dry air, and/or vacuum units ensures the dryness of process systems before plant start-up. Typical drying to -40 °C dewpoint or as low as -60 °C if required.
  • Leak testing (nitrogen/helium). High-integrity systems can be leak tested and their tightness guaranteed before plant start-up. Nitrogen carrier gas with a 1% helium trace gas is injected into the process system using specialised gas-pumping and -handling equipment. All joints are probed for leaks using sensitive gas-analysing equipment (mass spectrometers). Any leak found is recorded, quantified, and then rectified by the client’s mechanical personnel.
  • Flange management. Flange management is a critical operation, especially during pre-commissioning operations on terminals. We offer bolt-torquing and -tensioning as part of our overall pre-commissioning package, usually in combination with nitrogen/helium leak detection.
  • Pipeline services. Newly constructed pipelines require cleaning, testing, gauging, drying, inspection, etc.

We have a complete commissioning and pre-commissioning services package for LNG projects and can assist at every stage before and during the pre-commissioning phase of the project. Many of our personnel have more than 20 years of experience in all the different services required for LNG projects.

Our South African crew was part of many European LNG projects, including the Saipem LNG terminal at Zeebrugge and the Adriatic LNG plant at Porto Viro, Italy. Our mobile nitrogen inspection testing equipment and personnel are based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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