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Pressure Testing in the Oil and Gas Industry

Hydrostatic pressure testing of pipelines and process systems is mandatory on all newly contructed equipment and one of the requirements to prove the integrity of such systems. It is also a legal requirement to repeat the test at regular intervals during the lifetime of the equipment.

In addition to the pressure test, additional services are usually required before the equipment can be put into operation. These will depend on the application but it will typically include operations such as cleaning, drying, visual inspection, pneumatic leak detection, and sometimes nitrogen purging. For systems or pipelines where these additional services are required, we have developed an integrated-services approach specifically designed for both pre-commissioning and statutory maintenance/turnarounds.

Testing (and Pre-Commissioning)

Our experience in integrated pre-commissioning services for pipelines includes pre-engineering, flooding, cleaning, gauging, calliper surveying, pigging, intelligent-pigging (ILI), testing, drying, preservation, and inerting activities. We have extensive experience in the testing of pipelines to all local and international specifications.

In order to carry out these services, we have a full range of equipment including fill and test pumps, water-treatment pumps and tanks, fully certified test cabins with mechanical and electronic instrumentation, super-dry air-drying equipment and compressors, nitrogen pumps/vaporisers and preservation chemicals, and a full range of PER certified pig traps. We have the experience, equipment, and trained personnel to carry out hydro-testing of hydrocarbon gas or liquid transmission pipelines, as well as pneumatic and hydro-testing of small process vessels and systems.

Pneumatic Testing and Leak Detection of Pipework, Tanks, and systems

Pneumatic testing (or leak testing) is typically carried out after mandatory hydrostatic testing and when systems have been relocated.

Our SAQCC-qualified testing personnel, together with our range of test equipment and mobile nitrogen pumps/vaporisers, enable us to provide a safe and professional pneumatic testing service. We also maintain a stock of nitrogen gas bundles for the smaller testing operations.

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