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Pipeline product displacement using nitrogen

In the oil & gas pipeline industry, whenever a pipeline need to be shutdown for maintenance work or repairs/modification, the hydrocarbon product, either gas or liquid must be removed prior to work being carried out.

The quickest and most cost effective solution is to use nitrogen to displace the hydrocarbon product, the result is a clean and inert line (using a pig) which is then ready for any hot work, cutting & welding.

We have experienced pipeline technicians plus liquid nitrogen pump/vaporisers which are purpose built for this type of operation.


Product Displacement Using Nitrogen

Pipeline Pre-Commissioning services

We offer a complete integrated range of services designed to minimise on-site personnel requirements and reduce the duration of required activities and minimise costs.

A key aspect of a successful pre-commissioning activity is to start the project planning early, even integrating at the design stage where our engineers can provide solutions which can have significant time and cost savings. Whether it’s the responsibility of the owner or the main contractor, the pre-commissioning operation is critical to the plant or pipeline project being RFC, signed off and being fit-for-purpose.

We have the experience, the personnel and equipment to provide an integrated pre-commissioning service package which includes: Pre-engineering, flooding, cleaning, pigging, gauging, testing, drying, preservation and inerting activities. One team, one contractor, one point of responsibility and accountability.

Many clients have found our experience to be beneficial, from initial planning, through to execution, whether it’s a new build or an expansion project.


Pipeline Precommissioning Service


Pipeline Pre-Commissioning Testing

Pipeline Pigging, Cleaning & Drying services

Many pipelines will experience flow problems over their lifetime, due to restrictions. There are numerous causes, but most can be remedied by using utility and specially designed pigs to remove the debris/deposit. We specialise in the development of solutions to solve these flow problems whether it is on-line or off-line cleaning on both gas and liquid pipelines.

We also specialise in drying using pigs together with our range of desiccant drying units & compressors.


Pipeline Pigging & Cleaning Services


Pipeline Pigging Cleaning Services

Decommissioning and/or abandonment of pipelines

Eventual decommissioning and abandonment of pipelines requires a combination of services including:

  • Project planning
  • Removal of hydrocarbon product by draining or pigging with nitrogen or a combination of both.
  • Calculation of required product displacement pressures
  • Cleaning to remove trace liquids/gases and odours using pigging and possibly chemicals
  • Drying the line to prevent further internal corrosion, purging with corrosion inhibitors (Vapour phase)
  • Nitrogen purging & positive pressure maintaining.
  • Filling with cement or fly-ash.
  • Pipeline inspection and rehabilitation if change of duty or re-sale of asset is anticipated.

We can assist in project management and execution of any or all the required phases of decommissioning.

Pipeline Inspection services

Our range of Pipeline Inspection Services includes:

  • Project Engineering
  • Pre-cleaning pigging prior to inspection to remove oxides, black powder, wax, sand and other debris
  • Gauge pigging to prove line is piggable
  • Caliper pigging to establish whether mechanical damage is present in the line.
  • Data logger pigging to establish if hard debris (wax) or other deposits are present
  • Intelligent pigging using MFL or UT technology to detect metal loss
  • Intelligent pigging using MFL technology to detect cracks
  • Intelligent pigging using MFL technology to detect coating dis-bonding
  • Pipeline mapping using XYZ technology
  • Corrosion growth analysis
  • Fitness for purpose analysis.

Pipeline Inspection Services

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