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A Look at Our Service Lines for the South African Petrochemical Industry

Our firm has a long history of services to the petrochemical industry, dating back to 1996. The services to the local petrochemical industry include, but are not limited to:

  • Pneumatic and hydrostatic pressure testing of process plants, pipelines, and vessels.
  • Leak detection in pipes, vessels, plants, high integrity equipment, and heat exchange systems through the usage of helium and nitrogen.
  • High-volume nitrogen purge operations for major turnarounds and shut-down operations.
  • Hot nitrogen as part of the drying and decommissioning operations of plants.
  • Supply of nitrogen through International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) and road tankers.
  • Furnace tubes and reactor inspections through smart (intelligent) pigging.
  • Smart pigging and cleaning of pipelines, using chemicals, water, nitrogen gas, and air.
  • Process plant drying through super dry air and/or nitrogen.
  • Decoking fired heaters and furnaces through pigging.
  • Cooling reactors through controlled cold gas or liquid nitrogen circulation.
  • Nitrogen-based cleaning of pipelines for hydrocarbon removal with high velocity blowing.
  • Pipe freezing to allow for process-line modification and repair work.
  • Wrapping of pipes for repair work.

A closer look at some of the services we offer to the petrochemical industry provides an indication of our capabilities and the benefits of using our expertise and equipment.

Pre-commissioning Services for the Petrochemical Industry

We provide an integrated set of services specifically to reduce the need for on-site employees and to shorten the period needed for pre-commissioning services. With such, we also help to reduce the costs associated with pre-commissioning essentials.

It is crucial to plan the process to ensure successful pre-commissioning. Our engineers use their expertise to provide relevant and specification-compliant solutions that can save the client money and time.

Our pre-commissioning services include activities such as cleaning, pigging, drying, purging, pressure testing, pre-engineering, flooding, and preservation. The operation method entails the usage of a single team and thus ensures an audit trail and accountability. Our team handles the planning, pre-commissioning tasks, and completion of the projects.

Turnaround Services for the Petrochemical Industry

Shutting down and turnarounds are often difficult, and several problems can occur. With our experienced engineers and planners, we help to reduce problems through workable solutions that enhance safety. Through the use of high-volume nitrogen pumping equipment, we help clients to save time during the shut-down period. During this period, we set a team to work for inspections of fired heater tubes Ultrasonic-Intelligent (UT) inspection equipment. They perform the necessary pneumatic and hydrostatic tests and apply the correct procedures to cool reactors. Tasks such as flushing or cleaning of pipelines and systems are also handled professionally. With our method for drying process plants through the usage of nitrogen and/or super-dry air, we are able to get any dew point required, to the extreme of -60 °C

Intelligent or Smart-Pigging Services for the Petrochemical Industry

Using the smart-pigging method, we can accurately assess the risk of pipeline failure as a result of metal corrosion. Since not all pipelines can be effectively inspected through any method, thus we offer the Ultrasonic In-line Inspection (ILI) tool and develop an inspection methodology to inspect any pipeline. We also offer intelligent pigging of fired heaters and UT push-pull pigging services. We offer the above and many more services to the petrochemical industry. View our service line section for comprehensive information regarding the industries and services we offer. Contact us for help in decommissioning, pre-commissioning, and inspection services.

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