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The Important Role of Nitrogen in the Oil and Gas Industry

Nitrogen pumping, purging, and pressurising is at the core of Oleum’s service offering to the Southern African oil and gas industry, whether it’s for petrochemical plants, refineries, or pipelines supplying hydrocarbon-based gases and liquids.

Whenever work needs to be carried out on any of these assets, this gas is used as the means to displace these hazardous hydrocarbon-based liquids and gases. Because it is totally inert, there is no danger of a fire and/or explosion.

Oleum Process & Pipeline Services has the largest fleet of mobile nitrogen pumps and vaporisers in Southern Africa, which can be mobilised to any site at short notice. Our fully trained technicians and engineers have a wealth of experience in all areas of the relevant industries in which we operate.

We originally only offered nitrogen services but in the 1980s, we formed a joint venture with a pipeline-construction company, so it was no coincidence that we gained a reputation as the go-to company for these kinds of services to the pipeline industry.

We also use this versatile gas for inerting and purging hydrocarbon process plants and for enhanced cooling of process reactors, where the cooling properties of the gas in its liquid state (-196 °C) are used to cool down the reactor’s recycle gas. Other typical uses are for pressure testing and drying of vessels and process pipework. These are just a few of its numerous applications.

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