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Furnace tube Inspection (fired heaters)

Our Furnace inspection tool (intelligent pig) is a reliable and cost effective solution for maintaining the integrity of furnaces and preventing unwanted shutdowns. The tool is designed for the inspection of heater/furnace tubes, whether they are smooth, studded or finned. This intelligent free-swimming tool is capable of inspecting the tubes and bends of the furnace, with a minimum impact on shutdown time. The compact, lightweight, modular design of the device allows a user-friendly, high performance, ultrasonic inspection of furnace tubes and bends with all ultrasonic measurements stored internally inside the pig, which is downloaded and analysed on removal from the heater.


Furnace Tube Inspection

Inspection of “non-piggable” lines

We classify “non-piggable” pipelines as those which were not designed for pigging when originally designed and constructed. These include most tank farm installations, including transfer lines to/from jetties. Most of these lines have no pig traps installed and include back-to back short radius bends, un-barred tees and mitre bends. All of which mean the lines cannot be inspection by traditional (ILI) Intelligent Pigs.

Fortunately, there are now some intelligent pigs which have the capability to negotiate these previously unpiggable lines and we have been using these for several years now.

The major risk for any operator and contractor is the possibility of a stuck pig and how to mitigate the consequences.

A recent innovation which helps to reduce this risk is now available. This tool is a type of caliper pig which will negotiate significant pipe restrictions and advise the contractor of potential problems which could cause an intelligent pig to get stuck.

non-piggable pipeline inspection

Non-Piggable Pipeline Inspection


Non-Piggable Pipeline Inspection Process


Non-Piggable Pipeline Inspection Screenshot

PIMS (Pipeline Integrity Management System)

With our German partners we offer information management services based on geographical information systems (GIS); engineering as well as system and software development to pipeline operators in the oil, gas and chemicals industries.

Our pipeline Manager Software developed in cooperation with the pipeline industry utilises the practical experience of pipeline operators to provide a set of tools that fit in with the daily demands of a pipeline operator and provides an efficient way to manage all maintenance and compliance activities.

By using this system a pipeline operator has immediate access to all their pipeline data  represented in an easily understood and usable geographical representation of their pipeline network.

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