Essential Pressure Testing Services to Ensure Safe Operation of Pipelines and Plants

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Whether your firm needs to determine the integrity of a pipeline, want the assurance of a leak-free system before start-up or want routinepressuretests, you will benefit from the expertise, quality equipment and industry-standard methods offered as part of our range of pressure testing servicesin South Africa.

Hydrostatic pipeline and systems pressure testing services

A hydrostatic pressure test entails the filling of a vessel with the required fluid such as treated water. The vessel or pipeline is pressurised to the required level. If there is a drop in pressure, it is indicative of a leak. Also, leakage can become visible at the joints where the water leaks when the system, pipeline or vessel has been pressurised.

After a pipeline has been installed, it must be tested to determine integrity before it can be put into operation. Part of pre-commissioning entails cleaning, drying, pigging, gauging, purging and system preservation. We perform these as part of our comprehensive service offering in addition to the hydrostatic testing.

Our team is well-qualified and experienced in performing these services, and we have an extensive range of equipment, specifically made for performing the mentioned tests and pre-commissioning functions. The equipment range includes, but is not limited to various pump systems (water treatment, fill & test, and nitrogen), chemicals for preservation, pig traps (PER certified), various instrumentation, test cabins (certified), and super dry air-drying equipment.

Pneumatic and leak testing services

After the hydrostatic tests have been performed and/or after relocation of a system, a pneumatic leak test may follow. It is critical to follow correct safety procedures for this test. Our team members are SAQCC qualified to perform the tests. The instrumentation and related equipment we use are well-maintained and include, but are not limited to mobile vaporisers/nitrogen pumping systems. With this equipment we are able to carry out the tests according to strict safety and industry standards.

A pneumaticpressure test can also be performed when a hydrostatic test is not suitable for the test. In this instance, an inert gas such as nitrogen, air or another non-flammable gas is used in the test. This type of test is also used to determine the integrity of a pipeline at various pressures, as may be needed when in operation.

High integrity leak detection testing services

We offer this service fortestingof heat exchangers, tanks and process systems where the potential for small leaks upon start-up of the plants is eminent. Such leaks may be difficult to repair once the system or plant is in operation. To prevent unnecessary costs associated with having to shut-down operations for repairs and to prevent potentially dangerous situations as the result of a leak or several such leaks, it is essential to test these systems before commissioning.

From cryogenic systems to ethylene, LNG and hydrogen plants should undergo high integrity leak detection before commissioning. To help keep plants in compliance with safety standards, routine leak and pressure tests should also be performed.

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