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De-coking of furnaces, fired heater tubes & reactor tubes

We introduced furnace de-coking into South Africa in 1996 at the request of refinery operators.

The technology, using a patented pig design removes solid deposits, hard coke and scale from furnace tubes and pipelines. We also provide an inspection tool (intelligent pig) which measures the minimum wall thickness of furnace tubes in one service. The benefits include:

  • Increased flow and throughput of the heater
  • Lower differential pressure
  • Increase heat exchange
  • Reduces breakdowns
  • Lower production costs
  • Increases profitability

Furnace Cleaning & De-Coking

Pipeline pigging

Pipeline pigging is one of the most fundamental requirements of all pipeline operators & owners.

Pigging requirements include:

  • Cleaning of lines to remove deposits and improve flow and prior to intelligent pigging
  • Pre-commissioning cleaning to remove water, debris and dry the lines
  • Pre-commissioning hydrostatic testing (water flooding) & dewatering
  • Pig displacement with nitrogen to remove hydrocarbons for maintenance operations
  • Intelligent pigging to check for corrosion, cracks, mechanical damage etc.
  • Batching of chemicals during cleaning, drying (MEG), chemical laydown (corrosion inhibitors) etc.
pipeline pigging

Pipeline Pigging

High velocity blowing of pipelines

Some high integrity pipelines require a high velocity gas flow to remove small particulate matter, dust etc. Oxygen supply lines, lubrication lines and turbine/compressor feed lines are typical examples.

High velocity Nitrogen or Air Blowing is a method of cleaning pipeline sections to high cleanliness specifications required to protect these systems.

Our high volume nitrogen pumps & vaporisers can achieve the 35 m/sec  linear velocity as specified to achieve the level of cleanliness for these lines, even up to 24” diameter. Alternatively we can use oil-free dry air if specified by the Client. If high pressure vessels are available to store gas, we can provide a purpose built system comprising quick opening valves, target plate/mirror and silencer for cleaning systems.


High Velocity Cleaning With Air


High Velocity Cleaning & Flushing

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